In response to a recent stipulation enforced by SARS (South African Revenue Service) which states that, effective 1 March 2009, South African taxpayers will be required to properly track their travel and related expenses in order to qualify for rebates, White Wall Web has launched a free web site that enables users to accomplish this online.

Available through, the online travel log enables users to track their mileage online throughout the year and easily export this data to a CSV file, for use in Xcel, when it becomes time to submit their annual returns.
Peter Flynn, MD of White Wall Web, assures users that their information is backed up on a web server in a secure data centre environment. He adds that users also have the extra option of exporting the information, and backing it up for convenience on their own PC or laptop.
"Their personalised travel logs can be accessed at any time and from any place through an Internet connection and users are also invited to log in using Internet-enabled mobile phones," he says. "Signing up for the service is free and easy to do and the web site automatically generates calculations for users, making this one of the easiest, safest ways to create, track and maintain your taxable mileage online."
From 1 March 2009 to 28 February 2010 will be the last year where the "deeming provision" may be used to calculate a business travel deduction. Before, taxpayers were only asked to provide their total business and personal mileage for the year. However, according to the SARS web site, this provision was open to abuse and resulted in excessive deductions, which did not match actual business expenses.
So, from 1 March 2010, taxpayers seeking to claim a deduction for business travel will be required to keep a logbook and will assist taxpayers in doing so. Employees will also be better able to track their employee mileage using the web site.