Channel Data has released the latest, Apple Mac-supported, version of Iron Mountain Digital's Connected Backup software package.

Targeted at companies of all sizes, Connected Backup is now able to protect vital corporate data, on both PC and Mac computer platforms, according to Channel Data director, John Hope-Bailie.
"Connected Backup is designed to eliminate data loss from viruses, misplaced or stolen laptops, data corruption and user error," he says. "It gives companies the ability to control data backup and restoration processes – both within and beyond company firewalls.
"It also enables companies to centrally manage distributed data backup from Mac or PC laptops outside of the office. Customers using these platforms can now retrieve lost or damaged files without help desk support even when away from the office."
The solution's patented data reduction technologies are said to reduce storage needs by up to 85%.
"The number of enterprise Mac users is on the rise and companies are in need of the same high-level data backup and protection available for PCs to protect vital corporate data," adds Hope-Bailie.
Iron Mountain's Connected Backup solution with Mac support provides the following key functions:
* Seamless backup: Enables rapid, automatic and un-intrusive backup of Mac or PC data, even over dial-up connections.
* Tight security: Data is encrypted at the desktop and is kept encrypted both during transmission and in storage; also, quickly repairs damaged or corrupted applications, configurations and files on any Mac.
* Anytime, anywhere data recovery: Data recovery can be managed with only a few mouse clicks giving users access to their data at anytime, using any PC/Mac with a working web browser, from any location through a secure Internet connection using the product's MyROAM feature.
* High levels of scalability and data reduction: Protect and restore data from as few as five to hundreds of thousands of Macs, using one centrally managed tool.
* Reduced storage requirements and costs: The product's Delta Block technology ensures only data changes and newly created files are backed up, and with SendOnce technology that ensures identical files located on multiple machines, including email attachments, are recognised and backed up only once.