John Anderson, the South African-born CEO of the Australian interactive digital media company Yeahpoint, has announced the opening of the first Yeahpoint offices.

Anderson, who has lived in Australia for nine years, started the company with two other partners back in 2003 when he saw a gap in the market for quality, innovative, digital self-service solutions.
Since then Yeahpoint has become one of the fastest growing producers of custom-designed, self-service solutions with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and now South Africa. Yeahpoint provides full service (design, installation, content management and service) consumer/staff self-service solutions.
The award-winning company which boasts clients such as L'Oreal, Mars, Dairy Farm Group, Pernod Ricard and Singtel, has defied the current global recession and shown a 200% growth over the last four years with this financial years' figures due to top the 300% mark. Anderson now expects the company to not only expand rapidly in South Africa, but to soon conquer both the European and USA markets as well.
He says much of this is to do with quality, delivering on time and producing a product that has a tangible ROI model, with some clients reporting increases of up to 600% – an attractive factor in recessionary times.
The company's success is based on a platform on which all of the Yeahpoint solutions operate. "The development of our YeahWARE platform has been the key to our success," says Anderson. "We noticed that other companies producing self service solutions, digital media and signage in the retail environment were failing in the areas of interactivity, flexibility and speed to market. With support from the Australian government and Microsoft we were able to build a platform that overcame these obstacles and we haven't looked back since."
In January this year Yeahpoint launched its YeahWARE v6.0 which now has added consumer /staff intelligence and connectivity functions which Anderson says "makes our platform one of the most innovative available globally."
The office in Johannesburg will be headed up by Malcolm Anderson and is operational immediately.