The price-performance qualities of networking equipment should ensure value is delivered to the customer – so there is no need to squeeze resellers' margins.

This is according to Trish Simpson, 3Com Africa's channel manager, who says: "It is in our customers' best interests for us to stay invested in our channel to support its financial viability. We all need to make a profit to stay in business and grow our skills base to ensure effective solutions are devised and implemented to our customers' advantage.
"Vendors and customers who put unrealistic cost-cutting pressures on resellers may well find the skills required to support a dynamic networking infrastructure have gone elsewhere."
Simpson says 3Com encourages channel profitability by protecting its existing resellers. "This leads to channel stability and assures our customers that the investment made by our channel partners in skilling up their resources is nurtured and secured."
"To deliver a high standard of implementation and support to customer sites, our resellers need to make significant investments in their staff. They cannot do this if their margins are being squeezed. We support them to become viable businesses for the long-term. They can only achieve this if the relationship with their clients is built through exceptional, motivated – and profitable – support."