The first South Africa partners have received SAP certification for their customised business management systems based on SAP's All-in-One programme.

The seven partners and their nine systems received their worldwide certification this morning, and are now authorised to provide their verticalised and customised solutions to companies throughout the world with SAP's full backing and support.
The solutions are built on SAP's best practices and are optimised to meet the business and IT resource challenges of midsize companies in their respective industries.
"This is a huge step both for SAP and its South African partners," says Derek Kudsee, director: SME at SAP Africa. "It not only speaks volumes about the great work being done locally by our partners, but also presents local partners with the potential of expanding their reach into international markets with SAP's support.
"By selecting a certified solution from one of these seven partners, customers gain the assurance that their SAP All-in-One solution has been developed and delivered by a SAP partner who has extensive expertise in a particular industry," he explains.
"It also means that SAP has thoroughly vetted the solution on offer from the partner and confirmed that the correct and approved processes and guidelines have been adhered to at all of the steps involved in developing and providing a complete solution to the customer.
"Certified solutions are furthermore also reviewed annually to ensure partners are able to continue delivering the solution in question for new customers, while adhering to the same prescribed guidelines and processes," he adds.
Kudsee says that the process of getting a solution certified on a worldwide basis is rigorous and thorough for good reason.
"We need to pass assurance onto our customers that the partner in question is capable of following the SAP guidelines for developing a solution, able to demonstrate the ability to implement it rapidly, and provide several reference customers from the vertical industry in question as proof of their expertise.
"These strict regulations help ensure that qualified SAP All-in-One partner solutions are delivered by competent partners," he says.
The first seven partners certified as part of the global SAP All-in-One partner solutions programme and their solutions, comprise:
* Deloitte Consulting, for its solution aimed at smaller mining operations;
* Faranani Sapremo, which has also developed a solution aimed at the mining industry;
* GijimaAST, for its two local government solutions – one aimed at local municipalities, while the second addresses district municipalities;
* SCT Services, for its solution aimed at consumer goods and fast-moving consumer goods companies;
* Swicon, has developed a cross-industry human capital management solution;
* T-Systems South Africa, for its turnkey healthcare solution, as well as a broad spectrum baseline system; and
* UCS Solutions, for its retail industry solution.