The Democratic Alliance (DA) is using bulk e-mail to reach potential voters, sending as many as 500 000 campaign mails every month.

The party is using the bulk e-mail service MailFire, developed by ISP Web Africa.
During election time, the number of monthly e-mails jumps from about 200 000 to 500 000, while the party distributes up to seven press releases per day.
According to Nikki McQueen, IT developer at the DA, the party started using the product in November 2008 to distribute newsletters, press releases, policy statements and speeches by party leader Helen Zille.
"In 2006, we started niche marketing and targeting our newsletters to specific areas for example health, HIV/AIDS and crime," she says. "People can sign up to newsletters relating to their areas of interest.
"The result is that we have a number of different lists.  We also target press releases to specific journalists depending on their beat so needed a product that could do this efficiently and cost effectively."