BT has announced the launch of its BT Intelligent Virtual Private Network (iVPN) service in 172 countries, allowing global organisations to better manage and improve the performance of their IT network and business applications, and reduce technical and operational costs.

The development of BT iVPN was made possible by BT's investment in its 21st Century Network (21CN) global platform, a global, software-driven customer network platform that introduces a new, simpler portfolio of next generation services.
With BT iVPN, businesses can reduce their technical running costs and improve productivity, by managing and prioritising traffic over their IT network across the world, running mail, voice, video and other business applications more efficiently and ultimately maximising return on investment.
It also helps companies drive operational cost-savings through faster implementation, fewer manual interventions, less interruption to service, and with local support
in local language.
In addition, it gives them increased confidence in a secure and resilient service, offering better network availability, automated delivery assurance, realtime reporting, plus proactive and automated incident notification – giving control and flexibility to users.
"BT's iVPN offering demonstrates the role that technology can play during an economic downturn and of course, in enhancing business efficiencies in general," says Keith Mathews, head of BT South Africa. "It is a technology offering in tune with current market conditions and will be seriously considered by multinationals working out of, or doing business in South Africa."
Following trials with customers in the industrial and financial services industries, BT is combining iVPN with other BT services such as internet-based access, application optimisation, voice management, video conferencing, unified communications, data centres, call centres, security and mobility, working alongside customers to build solutions that unlock value across their business.