Social networking portal MySpace will offer .tel top-level domains to its members, in a new deal with Telnic, the registry operator for the new communications-focused domain.

MySpace's 130-million active users, with over 20-million monthly users accessing the community via mobile devices, will now be able to take advantage of the .tel to promote their MySpace page in organic search results from any device.
At the same time, users can use the .tel domain to securely share their more private contact information with non-MySpace users who wish to contact them.
"We're delighted that MySpace will be offering .tel domains to its community, enabling them to more quickly and easily manage all aspects of their online life," says Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnic. "MySpace is exactly the type of partner that has the foresight to see the .tel as a complementary product, providing choices as social networkers adopt new  modes of communication while they continue to enjoy the benefits of MySpace."