Clients using Nashua's Laserfiche business and document management systems are now able to increase the efficiency and convenience of the product even further, using niche add-on applications.

"Laserfiche is especially popular for its document tracking characteristics. One of its derivative programmes, Avante, came on the market with many special add-on abilities beyond what is included in the basic Laserfiche system. The beauty of the add-on applications is their seamless integration with the existing system," says Ben Sheppard, Nashua's solutions consulting manager.
One such add-on converts carbon copies of any document into laser-printed A4 copies, eliminating the inconvenience of smudged carbon copies which scan and reprint poorly. The application also redesigns the page should a more attractive layout be preferred, and can add a barcode to the redesigned document, enabling easy storage and retrieval from electronic archives. A further added benefit is that the need for expensive carbon sheets and specialised copying paper is also eliminated.
The tracking and reporting of parcels and packages through proof of delivery notes (PODs) is managed with ease using another Laserfiche add-on application. Scanning signed delivery notes into the Laserfiche system enables clients to match PODs to their relevant order documents.
"One can also use the collected POD information to analyse the performance of company drivers and contracted couriers. It is possible to judge punctuality, reliability and productivity in this way," says Sheppard.
The Nashua Solutions team conducts a detailed analysis of a client's needs, including a process and cost analysis, before recommending the add-ons that will provide the best value to their business.
Sheppard adds: "Considering each client individually, and matching their needs to the various add-on applications we offer, means that each client receives software that is almost tailor-made for them – it is the ultimate solutions-based approach."