Fujitsu Siemens Computers yesterday officially became a 100% subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited and was renamed Fujitsu Technology Solutions. The new-look company will focus on offering the full Fujitsu range of products and services within the EMEA region.

The full integration of Fujitsu Technology Solutions, with its strong presence in EMEA, is the catalyst for Fujitsu's transformation into a truly global company. With this goal in mind, Fujitsu is making substantial investment in its European operations, leading its way into the world from its new European bridgehead.
"With the capabilities and global perspective that Fujitsu Technology Solutions brings, we can transform the very way Fujitsu does business," says Kuniaki Nozoe, president of Fujitsu. "We can 'Think Global' from the inception of new products, and then 'Act Local' to serve the needs of our customers. The integration of Fujitsu Technology Solutions will enable the Fujitsu Group to offer fully integrated products and solutions worldwide."
Together, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Technology Solutions will bring cost-competitive products to market worldwide by optimising platform product research and development.
In the course of this collaboration, Fujitsu Technology Solutions will become one of the major linchpins of global research and development within Fujitsu.
With a workforce of more than 10 000 employees extended across the EMEA region and more than 1 000 engineers, it will use its proven engineering expertise to lead the development of global platform products, software and services for the Fujitsu Group.
From its business locations in Munich, Paderborn and Augsburg, Fujitsu Technology Solutions is driving the global development of Intel Architecture server and storage products.
To enforce this plan, Fujitsu has committed to investing into R&D capacities in Europe, in particular in Germany. In Augsburg, the company is bringing together and centralising the complete Fujitsu Group's R&D for IA servers. Japanese experts are supporting German engineers in a new, unified global R&D centre.
Fujitsu Technology Solutions has been nominated to host the global IA server business and will develop, manufacture and market the global range of IA servers.
In addition, the company is to unify the manufacturing and testing structure to prepare for globalised mass production, consolidating production at the Augsburg and Fukushima (Japan) sites.
These measures support ambitious goals: Having already sold 240 000 IA servers in 2007, Fujitsu has made the IA server a core part of its platform products strategy, with an initial target of doubling worldwide sales to 500 000 units by 2010.
With regard to customers and channel, the integration of Fujitsu Technology Solutions will also be a rewarding investment. Fujitsu has access to Fujitsu Technology Solutions' broad EMEA customer base and from this, is moving forward in the expansion of its presence in emerging markets.
In addition, the global group has access to a well-kept channel base of approximately 1 700 direct and 43 000 indirect partners, and will be able make use of Fujitsu Technology Solutions' long-lasting channel expertise and experience and share best practice to enhance Fujitsu's channel business worldwide.
In November 2008, Fujitsu Technology Solutions introduced its Dynamic Infrastructures strategy, consisting of delivery models built around the company's products and services as well as higher level packaged solutions and Managed Infrastructures for the Office and the Datacenter. In addition, the company is developing new offerings around  "Infrastructure-as-a-Service."
As a fully-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, Fujitsu Technology Solutions can now offer corporate clients in EMEA access to a worldwide portfolio of Dynamic Infrastructures built around IA servers and combined with innovative services, along with integrated products and IT solutions tailored in a joint effort with Fujitsu Services.