MXit's approximately 12-million users around the world are now able to reach contacts across multiple instant messaging (IM) communities such as Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, G Talk and ICQ, thanks to a new multi-platform gateway.

This move is in response to growing global appetite for social networking tools that are universal.
"For the first time MXit users will be able to send instant messages and connect with friends across the various instant messaging platforms, allowing the user to have a fully networked set of contacts at their fingertips," says Juan du Toit, marketing manager at MXit.
"Our aim, as always, is to create a fun and user-friendly mobile social environment where users can create, communicate and share and we believe that the ability to converge social communities is an exciting prospect for our users."
The benefit of having a multi-platform instant messenger such as MXit is that users have the convenience of being able to chat with contacts across different instant messenger gateways, without the hassle of having to log into various IMs or having to be PC-bound.
In South Africa, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger have the biggest market share of the fixed-line instant messaging market. The ability to converge communities on the MXit network will allow users to significantly increase their contact base, and, more importantly, allow them to communicate over multiple channels from their mobile phone.
Du Toit says the evolution of MXit into a multi-service instant messaging tool is also likely to increase the number of mobile networkers in South Africa because of its one-stop-shop appeal.
The creation of a multiple community messaging gateway is also expected to attract international interest, with the service already boasting 2-million international users.