Neotel has warned users to be on the lookout for hidden costs in the voice and data services – a practice it says is rife.

According to Stephen Morony, product manager at Neotel, the industry and consumers are "hungry" for a service provider that delivers an efficient and cost-transparent, up-front communications service.
"We know how many cash-strapped South Africans there are out there and we are committed to ensuring they have access to hassle free and affordable voice and data communications without having to contend with hidden costs that only appear after implementation has taken place" says Morony. "Cost transparency is vital and needs to become a standard service offering to South African consumers.
"We are transparent about the cost of our service offerings at the very beginning, so there are no misunderstandings or 'head scratching' bills to be paid at the end of the month. We will not charge you hidden implementation costs because we are eager to retain your business and grow our consumer base," he explains.
Morony believes that contractual tie-ins hamper consumers from migrating to the most affordable and efficient service provider and should become a stricture of the past if service providers are confident enough of the quality of their service offerings
"The reality is that consumers should want to stay with their communication service provider and not be tied to and prevented from migrating to market alternatives by expensive and absurd contractual tie -ins that offer them little benefit or competitive leverage."