The channel can soon expect to see smaller, more compact designs across inkjet printers with a preference towards a charcoal-colour look and more elegant contrast as HP moves away from the traditional beige/white printers.

This is according to Jane Geypen, product manager: HP IPG at Axiz, who says: "Another exciting advancement emerging in the next few months is that more printers will sport Bluetooth and built-in wireless connectivity, as well as touch screen LCD display which will enable HP Smart Web printing at the touch of a screen. All-in-one inkjet printers will offer network connectivity as the focus with these shifts to cost-saving features."
Wireless technology is growing at a rapid pace, Geypen says, and a Bluetooth-enabled printer is an excellent option for mobile users who want to avoid computer wires and cables. In addition to improving safety as a result of eliminating the clutter of wires along with the associated connections, wireless Bluetooth also offers a number of convenient advantages.
"As long as you are within 30 feet, Bluetooth is ideal for simple, wireless file sharing, image transfer, printing, data exchange and synchronisation. Bluetooth-enabled HP Printers provide a method of wirelessly printing medical documents such as controlled substance prescriptions which, according to government regulations, still require a printed copy.
"As they're easy and inexpensive, wireless networks have become very popular for home and small business networks, and have found a niche in hospitals and clinics where it's important to securely connect people to shared file servers, printers, Internet connections and other resources," Geypen concludes.