Web Africa believes it has become the first traditional Internet service provider (ISP) to move into a vendor-neutral data centre, having opted for the hosting facility at Teraco.

Matthew Tagg, MD of Web Africa, comments: "Vendor-neutrality means that redundancy and reliability are greatly enhanced.
"Because Teraco hosts a number of carriers, we are not limited to a single provider should their network fail. This means guaranteed uptime and better performance for our customers."
For Web Africa, it also means significant reductions in its support load, translating into business efficiencies for the company.
In addition, vendor-neutrality enables Web Africa to select the type of services it needs from different providers.
"You don't need to move to a whole new location in order to benefit from better pricing or service from a particular vendor-it is all under one roof and we therefore have greater flexibility," says Tagg.
He adds that Teraco offers the ISP improved facilities including security, power redundancy, cooling systems, as well as the space to scale its operations effectively.