One of South Africa's leading network operators has decided to add voice biometrics to its system and has awarded the deployment contact to Bytes Technology Group company Intelleca.

The company has already deployed similar solutions for a number of top local banks.
The network operator plans to implement the solution across a range of business areas in its contact centre. Subscribers will be requested to enrol their voice print, ensuring that they can be automatically identified and verified when they transact via the call centre, and substantially reduce the possibility of fraud.
Traditionally, call centres rely on caller line identification (CLI) to identify callers. To enhance security, customers are usually asked a number of random questions related to the personal information the call centre has at hand.
"This is time-consuming and costly for both the organisation and the customer," says Shaun Cochrane, director at Intelleca. "Bear in mind that this process takes around two minutes, and costs between R8.00 and R20.00 per verification over millions of calls.
"Intelleca's voice biometrics solution reduces talk time and therefore call costs, enhances the customer experience, and allows the network operator's call centre staff to focus on doing business rather than authenticating callers. In addition, it will vastly enhance security by ensuring that callers are who they claim to be."
Intelleca has enhanced the Nuance Verifier solution for local conditions.