Fujitsu Technology Solutions has announced the immediate availability of the first new storage solution purpose-built to support virtual data centres, the EMC Symmetrix V-Max system.

Symmetrix V-Max, designed to provide massive storage scalability to the virtualized solutions, is a key building block for Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures strategy, which is based on solutions that are specifically designed for virtualized and automated environments.
Already EMC's biggest Symmetrix partner worldwide, Fujitsu Technology Solutions has a 12-year partnership with EMC in EMEA. As a result of the strategic alliance, Fujitsu Technology Solutions resells selected EMC storage systems and software – as well as building in EMC solutions to its own offerings.
The new EMC Virtual Matrix Architecture delivers massive scalability – enabling systems that scale to hundreds of thousands of terabytes of storage, and supporting hundreds of thousands of virtual servers in a single federated storage infrastructure.
In addition, the new Symmetrix V-Max system, the first built using the new architecture, allows users to cost-effectively meet the widest range of storage requirements for high performance and high capacity in a single system.
Ewald Meyer,  Storage Specialist at Fujitsu Technology Solutions comments: "Fujitsu and EMC have a long history of providing our EMEA customers with flexible and scalable infrastructures. Adding the new Symmetrix V-Max system to our portfolio fits well with our Dynamic Infrastructures strategy since it will help customers reach new levels of efficiencies in virtualised data centres."
David Donatelli, president of the EMC Storage Division, says: "The EMC Virtual Matrix Architecture is a breakthrough new approach to high-end storage. It is the first high-end storage system architecture that combines the ability to both scale up and scale out so customers can start small and grow without limits and adapt to change automatically.
"Together, EMC and Fujitsu are working to meet the special requirements of the virtual data center and help customers bridge the old and the new — from today's physical world to tomorrow's virtual world."