Demand Data has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Fusion-io, a new start-up company in the US in which Apple-co-founder Steve Wozniak is playing a key role as chief scientist.

Fusion-io is recognised as a leading provider of enterprise solid-state technology and high-performance I/O solutions.
Jack Ward, Demand Data MD, says the company's solid-state storage technology closes the gap between processing power and data storage needs.
"A key feature of Fusion-io offerings is high performance – which comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional disk-based storage systems," he says. "The company's solid state drive technology has opened a world of possibilities for performance-starved applications in many companies today."
Ward says Fusion-io not only delivers the world's fastest solid state drives (SSDs), but is also able to produce low cost data storage solutions that are in league with costly, multi-rack storage area networks (SANs) that use highly-tuned disk drives to achieve fast access times.
"Demand Data intends to target Fusion-io offerings at server consolidation and other virtualisation applications as well as web serving platforms where the benefits of its performance-orientated technology are readily justifiable," he adds.