African Bank has opted to implement new HP desktops and notebooks with the assistance of Datacentrix, for the sixth year running.

According to Gavin Smith, account manager at Datacentrix, the bank decided earlier last year that it would issue a request for proposal (RFP) to all key partners and vendors in order to assess pricing within the marketplace.
"African Bank has partnered with Datacentrix for its infrastructure needs since 2001. Following its appraisal of the market a few months ago, the company has decided to refresh its HP equipment using Datacentrix based on our strong existing relationship and the high level of services offered nationwide.
"With its environment already largely comprised of HP equipment, African Bank was also more than happy with the quality of product used up to this point," Smith adds.
"We have found that the more standardised the environment, the lower the cost of providing support in terms of spares, images, drivers and interoperability. Based on this, we believe that standardisation was critical for African Bank in order to add to the existing functioning environment with only incremental costs."
PJ Jansen van Rensburg, African Bank CIO, adds: "The stability afforded by the continuation of African Bank's relationship with the two companies was a key concern in this project. Datacentrix' quality of services and our relationships with the individuals involved in our account at the company were also significant factors in our decision."