First National Bank (FNB) has launched FNB Connect, comprising voice and data services, that it says will help users slash the telephone and Internet costs in half.

FNB Connect offers online voice (Voice over Internet Protocol) and data products that provides customers flexibility and control over their spend, resulting in FNB consumers saving significantly on communication costs.
FNB Connect is a pre-paid, easy-to-use offering with no contracts or penalties.
"FNB is the first South African bank to enter this space, by offering competitively priced call rates," says Michael Jordaan, FNB CEO. "We shall always remain competitive and we will continue to offer the best prices to our clients."
Carmen Roux, CEO of FNB Connect, adds: "FNB has always been at the forefront of innovation having already created FNB's messaging service, inContact and the bank's unique Cellphone Banking offering.  FNB Connect is yet another step in fulfilling our brand promise of helping our customers."
FNB Connect provides a range of "Talk" and "Surf" products.
"Talk" products will enable FNB customers to reduce their telephone call costs both in cellphone and landline usage.
FNB Connect can be easily accessed on a PC or cellphone via a "Digital Phone", free software developed by FNB. This enables calls and SMSs at low rates and IM (instant messaging) for free, as well as international calls for as little as 31c.
With FNB Connect's "Surf" product, ADSL users are able to purchase prepaid data and carry over data for up to 12 months.
"Companies that will thrive in the current environment are those that find creative ways to add value to their customers while integrating global trends. We believe FNB Connect provides this offering," adds Roux.