The international SchoolTool development team and the Shuttleworth Foundation have released SchoolTool 1.0, a web-based open source student information system and calendar server for primary and secondary schools around the world.

SchoolTool includes customisable student demographics, parent/contact management, attendance, gradebook, calendaring, resource booking and report card generation. SchoolTool can be used in a wide variety of contexts.
An individual teacher can run a personal gradebook on their desktop or laptop computer. Individual schools can use SchoolTool as his or her primary student information system or a complement to other systems.
SchoolTool is also scalable to multi-school deployments, as the Commonwealth of Virginia (US) is piloting at eight career and technical academies.
Schools, service providers, government agencies, vendors, hackers and other interested parties are invited to test, use, deploy and offer feedback on SchoolTool in coming months. Development of SchoolTool will continue at a brisk pace in preparation for deployments in the 2009-2010 school year.
SchoolTool is 100% free and open source software, built with the Python programming language and Zope 3 framework. It is fully translatable via the Rosetta service on, with several languages already fully or partially available. SchoolTool is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2. On Ubuntu Linux, schools can have a SchoolTool server running with a three-step installation process.