iBurst is offering free installation of its WiMax service to customers who sign up for a 24-month WiMax contract before 31 July.

WiMax from iBurst is positioned as a fixed-line alternative for the last mile for small to medium-sized businesses. Customers do not need a fixed-line to use this service, which is available as a bundled end-to-end solution incorporating hardware, Internet connectivity and last mile access.
iBurst has rolled out a national WiMax network that covers the major urban centres by erecting high-gain directional antennas near potential corporate customers. About 200 base stations are already live in the major metropolitan areas (Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town), with plans to expand the network to 280 base stations by the end of 2009.
The WiMax offerings from iBurst are:
* Broadband – a contended, 'best effort service' for low-end users with capped Internet access; and
* Assured Premium – an uncontended, dedicated service with unlimited Internet access.