Siemens and Microsoft have launched a unified communications services offering in South Africa.

Zunaid Mayet, CEO of Siemens IT Solutions and Services, comments: “With the economic crisis and unstable energy prices, corporations are taking a hard look at cutting costs as well as their carbon emissions. However, organisations need an ability to transform ideas into value to maintain their competitive advantage.
“Siemens’ unified communications technologies help organisations reduce the operating costs of travel, telecom and IT, while enabling them to improve their business outcomes in a more sustainable way.”
Unified communications is an architecture approach to seamless collaboration and communication across all media – desktops, business and office applications, fixed and mobile voice, video as well as messaging, desk-sharing and conferencing of all kinds.
According to Felix Honigwachs, Siemens’ service offering manager, two ingredients in particular serve to enable and empower unified communications – presence awareness for human interaction and application accessibility for business support.
“The interplay between Siemens IT Solutions and Services (as consultant, integrator and operator) and Microsoft (as product vendor) allows us to deliver solutions of exceptional quality and operational effectiveness,” Honigwachs says