Fujitsu has launched what it is calling a key foundation stone in its global market growth programme for x86 servers – the Dynamic Cube is a new generation of Primergy BX900 blade server which the company hopes will drive consolidation and virtualisation in the data centre.

The Primergy BX900 is built on four guiding principles: a dynamic new power and cooling concept to reduce energy costs; achieving improvements in operational performance, through dynamic virtualisation; delivering impressive uptime, via dynamic high availability; and guaranteed investment protection through a new system architecture offering dynamic scalability.
The Primergy BX900 is a complete dynamic server infrastructure in a single blade cube. By using the Primergy BX900, customers can adapt dynamically to different IT usage scenarios, increasing the agility of IT infrastructures while reducing costs.
Fujitsu's new-generation Primergy BX900 blade system, available to order immediately, spearheads Fujitsu's global growth program to increase its market share for x86 servers, with a worldwide server sales goal of 500 000 units in 2010.
The Primergy BX900 is a leader in terms of reduced energy consumption: it operates at new levels of power efficiency, and sets new standards thanks to Fujitsu's cooling and design concept, Cool-safe.
Equipped with the latest Intel Xeon 5500 series processors, large memory capacities and state-of-the-art I/O performance, the Primergy BX900 is designed to deliver industry-leading virtualisation capabilities.
These virtualisation capabilities also make Primergy BX900 an ideal solution for consolidation projects. With the full integration of Fujitsu Server View Resource Coordinator VE management software, the Primergy BX900 can simplify IT operations by delivering uniform operations for pools of physical and virtual servers and visualizing the connections of the networks. In addition, this solution can automate IT operations, reducing time for the provisioning or exchanging of servers by up to 90%.
The Primergy BX900 is designed for full redundancy, reducing unplanned system downtime. It features software-managed hardware failover, and every single active component is hot-swappable.
In addition, the Primergy BX900 is optimised for investment protection through its scalability. Created in co-operation with Intel, the system has a stackable, high-density design that enables performance upgrades through the addition of further Primergy BX900 units.
In addition, the new system architecture enables Fujitsu to offer two more blades in a standard 10U chassis than any other vendor design – with a record-taking 18-blade design. Thanks to these extra blades, the Dynamic Cube immediately offers 12% more system performance in comparison to comparable blade systems.