An international survey conducted by MXit reveals that teenagers think it would be "cool" to have Nelson Mandela as a chat buddy on the MXit network.

The poll, conducted among 5 000 of MXit's more than 13-million global users, shows that 25% of 15- to 24-year-old youths would choose Nelson Mandela as their top person to chat to in a mobile social network environment, while US president Barack Obama came in at a close second with 17% of the votes.
International singing sensation Lady Gaga emerged the clear leader in the entertainment stakes, with 23% of users saying that they would love to have her as a "friend" and chat to her in a mobile phone chat room.
"The survey illuminated some very interesting mobile chat behavioral patterns," says Juan du Toit, MXit's international marketing manager. "Respected political figures like Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama seem to have struck the right chord with teenagers. These figures are increasingly being seen as 'cool'.
"While most teens would prefer to have Madiba (Nelson Mandela) as a chat buddy, about 18% said they would love to have Miley Cirus in their list of contacts while only 17% think it's cool to have their best friend as part of their contacts."