Mobile advertising, media and marketing specialist, Cellsmart, is urging companies in the mobile marketing space to become more active in industry bodies so that they can help the industry to grow and mature more rapidly.

Cellsmart is an active member of a range of industry bodies including the South Africa Local Council of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the advertising committee of the Wireless Application Service Providers' Association (WASPA), Mobile Monday (a highly successful networking organisation for professionals in the mobile space) and the Vodacom WASP Council.
Ahmed Kajee, MD of Cellsmart, says that Cellsmart views its work with these organisations as a contribution towards the growth of the entire industry. By co-operating through industry bodies, all companies in the mobile chain can evangelise the benefits of the mobile marketing channel to consumers, regulators and corporates, which in turn helps to promote growth of the sector, he adds.
"We operate in a young industry, where players across the value chain can benefit massively from sharing best practices and experiences," says Kajee.
"We need to work together on issues such as drawing up the rules of good practice for our sector, standardising ad formats and technical standards, and marketing the benefits of mobile to corporate clients if we are to grow the industry."
Kajee is chairman of MMA SA, chairman of the WASPA Adcom, and chairman of Vodacom's WASP council.
"These organisations are all playing an important role in shaping the future of South Africa's mobile advertising and marketing sector," Kajee says. "By creating standards and best practices and by promoting the mobile channel to the market, they have helped to ensure the legitimacy of mobile marketing and advertising."