Independent telecom service provider, Switch Telecom can offer customers in Johannesburg (010), Cape Town (021), Durban (031) and Pretoria (012) geographic numbers with immediate effect.

This makes Switch one of the first new-age telecom operators in South Africa – besides Neotel – to offer geographic numbers natively on its network. Switch Telecom is now able able to compete more effectively with the incumbent operators by offering its customers geographic services in addition to the non-geographic services it currently provides on the 087 number range.
Switch Telecom was one of the first VoIP operators to receive geographic number allocations from Icasa. It is able to offer customers in Johannesburg access to 010 numbers just as Telkom and Neotel are able to, for example, whereas it could only issue 087 numbers to its customers in the past.Numbers from other geographic regions will follow based on demand.
"Now that we can offer geographic number ranges to our clients, we expect to see many of them take up VOIP services as a complete replacement for traditional fixed-line telephony services," says Switch MD Greg Massel.
"We are now able to compete on a more equal footing with the incumbent providers since we can offer our customers most of the services and benefits associated with traditional fixed lines, in addition to the lower costs and value-added services of a VoIP network."