Integr8 IT has established a software asset management unit to meet the increasing need for comprehensive software license management services.

The unit is focused on the provision of a managed services around software asset management, to include: license procurement, program design, professional services, administration and most importantly software asset management services.
It is fully resourced and positioned to assist clients to not only avoid the breach of license agreements, but indeed to secure return on investment in software, bolster purchasing power and reduce legal and financial risk – all of which are key influences affecting modern business operation.
"There is certainly a need in the marketplace for a strategic focus on software license management. In this context we are referring to the ability to design, negotiate, procure, and most importantly manage and deliver a sustainable and focused operation that will ensure that clients receive a holistic experience," explains Robert Sussman, joint CEO at Integr8 IT.
"As a comprehensive license management, Integr8 IT, along with its strategically selected partners, is able to offer its clients license management services for any area of business. The market is such that more focused attention is required on operating systems, security software and business-critical database solutions," adds Sussman.
The introduction of the software asset management unit represents a further step forward in the realisation of Integr8 IT's ongoing strategy to assist organisations to adapt to pressurised market conditions and leverage off technology.
Alongside virtualisation, software as a service has emerged as a priority for businesses and certainly influential in terms of any credible ICT strategy, says Sussman.
"The dependence on technology remains an area of particular importance in the market today. Customers look for information technology partners who, together with the end-user, will help create an efficient environment ensuring business growth and increased company profits. There are several factors that form part of this alliance strategy, such as skills competence, the most up-to-date technology infrastructure, loyalty, transparency, focus and delivery," Sussman continues.
According to Sussman the unit is well positioned to offer and deliver on value-added services in this space and will continue to engage with its global software technology vendor partners for the benefit of clients.