APC by Schneider Electric has announced the latest version of APC's InfraStruXure Central, Capacity Manager and Change Manager, the next evolution of its Data Centre Physical Infrastructure (DCPI) Management Suite of applications, now featuring an open and flexible architecture to integrate with existing IT and building management systems.

In addition, energy cost tracking, vendor-neutral communication capabilities and predictive simulation provide a new class of data centre energy management, satisfying the requirements of higher density and dynamic data centres.
Integration with APC's DCPI Management Suite is achieved through the open web services Application Programming Interface (API), which provides data and events insight into other systems and the ability to include InfraStruXure Central data and alerts into their own dashboards. IT and network management systems will become capable of viewing alerts in their user interface, generated by devices managed by InfraStruXure Central.
"The ability to compile and view data from multi-vendor IT and building management systems into one centralised dashboard is essential for maintaining uptime and maximising energy efficiency," says Rodney Callaghan, MD: Southern Africa at APC by Schneider Electric. "The added functionality in APC's DCPI Management Suite provides a central repository for critical information and advanced simulation capabilities helping customers change and grow to accommodate their business needs."
InfraStruXure Central's new Modbus TCP output provides a standardised method of integrating rack level power, cooling, and environmental data and alarms with building management systems, including Schneider Electric's Andover Continuum and TAC Vista. The integration of these management systems provides the ability to correlate the physical infrastructure of the data centre "white space" with the supporting building infrastructure.
The latest version of InfraStruXure Central also provides the data centre operator with a comprehensive mass configuration capability, allowing users to create, store and push the configuration out to similar APC devices with a Network Management Card.
The rise in energy costs is a key imperative for implementing comprehensive and intelligent physical infrastructure management, to provide data centre operators with critical information needed to design, monitor and operate their physical infrastructure. Increasing energy demand is driving the need for a method to calculate and report energy usage efficiently, in order to allocate energy costs to different business units within the same organisation or to customers within co-location or hosting environments.
Capacity Manager now offers an Energy Cost Management Report plug-in, which provides visibility into the energy usage of a specified group of equipment, based on kW/hour.
Capacity Manager has also been expanded with the ability to model raised floor environments and calculate the airflow of both perimeter and InRow cooling solutions, highlighting cooling capacity issues which may lead to hot spots, reduced availability and stranded capacity.
Furthermore, additional capacity aspects, such as weight limits, network and power port count, are now also taken into consideration when recommending the best location for new equipment, as well as generate a report on available rack space.
InfraStruXure Central ships as a server appliance, available in three categories: price, value, and performance each with increasing scalability. All appliances are pre-loaded with a new class of data centre management software, which includes Change Manager, Capacity Manager, and Surveillance modules, plus ModBus TCP output, all of which are enabled through license keys. APC also provides a complete set of services to support customers including installation, deployment, configuration, and consulting services.
Specialised training and education services are also available.