MWeb Business has launched its Access Point Name (APN) service, enabling remote users to access the MWeb data centre – and thereby their company's network – using the Vodacom mobile GSM (cellular) network.

APN also provides a true fail-over option for companies using a leased line or ADSL as their primary connection. The extent of the mobile GSM coverage makes it an ideal solution for remote users or satellite offices, and as an alternative to copper or fibre, it can assist companies minimise downtime when fixed line solutions fail.
Herman Jansen van Rensburg, head of product management & development at MWeb Business says that often a company needs to facilitate some form of communication between its main office and people or devices which are based in remote locations where fixed line is not as freely available.
"An APN gives these customers or devices access into their company's network through the MWeb Business MPLS network. APNs offer the widest form of connectivity as they are available wherever there is cellular connectivity.
Since it is a private APN, one of the key benefits is that Internet access per SIM card can be controlled through a dedicated firewall or Managed Internet Gateway (MIG) in MWeb's data centre. This prevents unauthorised usage of bandwidth and means that companies can monitor the individual usage of bandwidth by their remote users."
MWeb Business offers APN data bundles in 5Gb, 10Gb or 20Gb, which can be shared between the users that have SIM cards configured on the APN. Should additional data be required during the month, customers are billed out-of-bundle rates for usage over and above their data cap.