Longain, previously the largest reseller of prepaid airtime in South Africa, has recently diversified its business model, enhancing its infrastructure to establish eCall.sa, a multi-tenant plug-and-play business process outsourcing (BPO) offering targeting local and international organisations.

To support its new business strategy, Longain is again making use of Spescom DataVoice Recorders, technology that has played a key role in mitigating the business risk of the company and ensuring compliance with legislation.
Says Ashley Appollis, head of strategic development at Longain: "The legal, business risk and operational requirements of the airtime resale business made the use of reliable voice recording technology indispensable. The Spescom DataVoice recording system quickly proved its worth. When industry shifts made it imperative that we adjust our business strategy and focus, a reliable recording system was again crucial.
"It needed to offer us the ability to confidently provide our various clients with not only proof of legislative compliance, but assist them in limiting their risk. It was also important for us to be able to provide our customers with service quality assurance and continually optimise the outputs of our agent workforce. In the highly competitive contact centre market, these capabilities are non-negotiable."
The diversification of the company's offering in late 2007 made an infrastructure upgrade necessary.. Spescom DataVoice provided Longain with a technology rental option, minimising its capital outlay and giving the company the increased flexibility it needed to restructure its operations.
The solution included DataVoice Recorders and the DataVoice Nexus Multimedia Transaction Management solution that enables the integration of recording solutions with Longain's business processes, as well as provided and the company with access to a suite of powerful configuration and reporting tools.
Says Appollis: "eCall.sa was launched on the backbone of the airtime resale business in November 2007 with a capital investment of over R20-million in technical and facility infrastructure. Today, eCall.sa has various clients who make use of its infrastructure for voice and data operations ranging from sales to back office and client services functions. Our clients dial and use data transfers not only to the South African market but also the European, Australasian and American markets."
Says Kgabo Badimo, MD at Spescom DataVoice: "Spescom and Longain approached these opportunities with a focus on how best to use technology to facilitate the entrepreneurial business philosophy of Longain. The Spescom DataVoice recording solutions are critical to the operations of a contact centre on several levels, from HR management and workforce optimisation to quality assurance, legislative compliance and risk management. An important benefit, however, is that these recorders scale easily to accommodate increased business volumes and, when the company is ready to do so, facilitate seamless migration to more advanced technologies such as VoIP."
One of the key advantages of DataVoice's Recorders is their robustness and flexibility. They are capable of easily handling the high volumes of calls conducted by the 1500-seat plus contact centre which relies on more than 20 Primary Rate Interface (PRI) connections capable of over 600 simultaneous calls and a further 500 internal extension side conversations.
Notes Badimo: "Comprehensive computer telephony integration (CTI) with the Longain contact centre's Siemens and Inter-Tel (Tellumat) PABX switches ensures the DataVoice Recorders can track all call information, including agent, transfers, duration and escalation. The Nexus Multimedia Transaction Management solution from Spescom DataVoice additionally allows seamless integration of recording solutions with Longain's business processes, providing a central view of the recording database and access to a suite of powerful configuration and reporting tools."
Appollis adds: "For eCall.sa, maintaining a high level of professionalism is paramount. Our voice recording technologies and contact centre management tools make this possible, ensuring we can easily review service and identify any discrepancies in terms of efficiency and quality of service."
A service level agreement with Spescom DataVoice ensures that Longain has access to both first and second line technology and user support.