MXit has topped both Google and Facebook as the social network and website that South African teens use most frequently.

The Sunday Times Generation Next Survey research, conducted by HDI Youth Marketeers, polled 5 300 young urban South Africans between the ages of eight and 22.  For the third year in the history of the awards, MXit has topped the poll in the Coolest Website and Social Network category.
MXit's slogan "Join the evolution" came second place in the Coolest Brand Slogan category, after Nike's "Just do it".
MXit is a free instant messaging program for mobile phones and PCs. It allows members to chat to other MXit users anywhere in the world and also allows them to send text messages to and from mobile phones and PCs using GPRS or 3G instead of using standard SMS technology, which is expensive.
The social networking element of the business is the cornerstone of its growth. MXit is a new generation company that boasts over 13-million members globally and is growing by 18 000 users per day.