HP ProCurve has announced new converged wired and wireless networking solutions that allow customers to drastically simplify delivery of multiple IP-based services by combining centralised network operations with a discrete in-wall access device.

The HP ProCurve MSM317 Access Device integrates an 802.11b/g wireless access point and a four-port wired Ethernet switch. It is designed to be installed in a standard wall electrical outlet and centrally managed by any HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility controller.
Two new HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility controllers give enterprise customers centralised control and management of a network of MSM317 devices or any HP ProCurve wireless access points. The controllers deliver consistent services anywhere on the network, allowing customers to implement security, roaming and quality of service policies.
"Property owners and network operators can deliver multiple high-value voice, video and data services to guests and other occupants with these new solutions," says Roger Sands, director: Worldwide Mobility Solutions at HP ProCurve. "These converged network offerings extend HP ProCurve's product portfolio into a new category of innovative network edge products that help customers reduce the complexity of installing and managing their wired and wireless network services."
Perfect for the hospitality industry, the HP ProCurve MSM317 connects multiple IP-based devices such as VoIP telephones, televisions and other hotel room equipment while reducing power sourcing equipment through integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) support. The integrated access point provides wireless services to hotels, hospitals, dormitories and apartments, extending the range of mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.
This expansion of the HP ProCurve mobility product portfolio introduces two new HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility controllers, giving customers greater flexibility for centrally managing their wired and wireless networks. The new HP ProCurve MSM765 controller physically integrates into HP ProCurve 5400 and 8200 Series switches, while the HP ProCurve MSM760 is a stand-alone appliance. Both controllers scale from small to large network deployments with new software licensing capabilities.
HP ProCurve also introduced an auto-update capability for HP ProCurve Mobility Manager 3.0, which greatly simplifies network configuration by automatically detecting and configuring all wireless access points and controllers on the network.
The HP ProCurve Manager Plus 3.0 management platform – which includes HP ProCurve Mobility Manager 3.0 – enables customers to map, configure and monitor wired and wireless networks. The platform offers a single-pane view of an entire network, allowing customers to securely add, customise and restrict network access.