RangeGate, a division of African Legend Indigo, has unveiled version III of its MobileEdge supply chain task management and execution suite. The latest version of the software is based on a flexible new architecture that supports rapid deployment and easier configuration of the solution.

The MobileEdge suite mobilises, streamlines, automates and optimises supply chain processes and resources, with a heavy focus on workload and workforce management.  The solution complements clients' existing enterprise resource management and warehouse management systems by automating essential task and workload management functions which would historically be performed manually, such as traditional warehouse movement and checking tasks, delivery / collection tasks and field service tasks.
The solution allows employees to access up-to-the-minute business information on the floor and to update back-office systems in real-time as they execute warehouse tasks. Supervisors and managers have access to rich management information and are able to centrally manage warehouse tasks, stock and workers from the system.
Nicole Trevisan, GM of RangeGate, says: "MobileEdge III gives companies complete visibility into – and complete control over – key business processes within the warehouse. The new architecture that underpins MobileEdge III means that the solution can be rolled out in a matter of weeks and then easily configured and adapted to meet the changing needs of a growing business. We have also focused heavily on ease of use for end-users and ease of integration with ERP and other systems in the latest release of the software."
The MobileEdge suite can be configured to handle a broad range of warehouse and supply chain management tasks. The latest version of the product allows for easier configuration of the software, meaning that resources at a customer site can make many adjustments to the core mobile terminal dialogues themselves, without the need to have a developer on site; and the benefits of these adjustments can be seen immediately on the floor.
MobileEdge is a hardware-agnostic solution that supports any mixture of smart mobile terminals, traditional handheld barcode scanners and other mobile devices that an organisation might have in use. The latest release of the suite brings a number of improvements to the management of the mobile client applications, where these can be managed from a central point and updated automatically over-the-air as a download to the mobile terminal, ensuring all devices are executing the latest version of the application.
Supporting a range of connectivity solutions and methods including WiFi, GSM (GPRS / 3G / HSDPA), RFID and Ethernet the mobile terminal application has been designed to be aware of the communications infrastructure that is available. The application can switch between a fully connected and seldom connected mode seamlessly without any user intervention. If no connectivity is available, transactions can be stored on the device so that work can continue without the loss of any data.
"MobileEdge III can help organisations achieve cost-savings, reduce debtor days, improve control of their warehouse environments and boost customer service by automating a range of tasks that they used to perform manually. Thanks to the new architecture of the product, customers can start realising benefits from MobileEdge very soon after a rollout of the suite," concludes Trevisan.