SAS Institute will be hosting Analytical Intelligence (AI) expert Sascha Schubert at a series of business seminars to be held on 11 and 12 June in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Schubert will take delegates on a journey through what analytics can achieve within a business, and will also play host to local analytics guru Goran Dragosavac, the seminars promise to be both insightful and valuable for business leaders wishing to use the power of analytics to unlock the value of their company-wide data.
Working with SAS for over 10 years, Schubert is widely experienced in helping SAS customers in solving business problems, and intrinsically understands customer attrition and churn, cross-selling, customer segmentation and market basket analysis, and also has analytical expertise in fraud detection and anti-money laundering.
"Analytical Intelligence can provide businesses with a competitive advantage by providing the ability to wring every last drop of value from business processes through efficient and effective execution and smart decision making. Sascha can provide insight through his knowledge of global trends and best practices on how to best glean analytical value," says Goran Dragosavac, National Product Manager Analytical Intelligence at SAS Institute South Africa.
Apart from providing insights in terms of current developments within AI, the event will provide valuable tips and trends on where AI is heading and how SAS users can place themselves a notch above their competitors.  In addition Sascha brings with him a wealth of experience in helping SAS customers in solving business problems. Prior to joining SAS, Sascha studied Meteorology at the Humboldt-University of Berlin in Germany, where he also did his doctoral thesis in 1995.
"With a better understanding of AI and its use in an organisation a customer can take advantage of maximum business effectiveness and efficiency to ensure they identify the most profitable customers, accelerate product innovation, optimise supply chains and pricing, and leverage the true drivers of financial performance," ends Dragosavac.