At the opening of its new offices in Bryanston yesterday, EMC executives said the building was a clear indication of the company's continued investment and commitment to the region.

Frederic Dussart, vice-president of EMEA South at EMC, says the region is one of the few in the world still tipped for growth during the global recession and that EMC had targeted it for significant investments.
"The company is investing a lot in South Africa, as well as the Middle East and the rest of Africa, because we feel this is the region with the biggest growth potential," Dussart says. "Everyone is talking [economic] crisis but even so, we're seeing quite big growth in the region thanks to our customers and partners.
"You can see the investment we have made in this new building, and in our people here," he says. "EMC worldwide has decided that South Africa is one of the centres that we are going to invest heavily in."
Dussart adds that he is optimistic about EMC's future in the country and the company's positioning in terms of technology.
"I think the second half of this year is going to be great for South Africa," he says. "You have the upcoming World Cup and we have seen in countries where events such as the Olympics or a World Cup is held that there is an accelaration in growth. We believe in this and will therefore continue to invest.
"We trust in you, and we believe in you," he says.
"And when it comes to strategy, we believe we have the right one in place in terms of infrastructure," Dussart adds "We are moving to be the leader in virtualisation and the data centre. VMax is the foundation of this future and no other competitor has the offerings that EMC has."
Ex-South African IT supremo and now executive consultant and international board member of EMC, Mias van Vuuren says it is exciting times for EMC in South Africa.
"I've been closely involved with EMC for the past five or six years," Van Vuuren says, "and it is rewarding to see the tremendous growth of EMC in South Africa. The local company has doubled its headcount over the past 18 months and this is credit to our people here and a reflection of the adoption of EMC in the country.
"I've been involved in many companies over the years, but EMC is definitely the most exciting," he adds.
Gerhard van der Merwe, regional country manager – South Africa, South, East and Central Africa, says it has been phenomenal watching the growth of EMC in the country over the 15 years he has been involved.
"I remember selling a 90Gb box – which was great, by the way – in the days when we only had five products," he says. "Today, we have more than 70 products in our portfolio. The next couple of months are going to be really exciting in the virtualisation and cloud computing spaces and we're looking forward to bringing these technologies to our South African customers.
"These are exciting times," he says. "The current economic conditions are pressuring everyone, but I think we have the commitment and will be around for a long time.
"We're here to stay, to support and go through these tough times with our customers and partners," he says.