First National Bank `s(FNB) Mobile and Transact Solutions division has won a 2009 Model Bank of the Year Award in Mobile Banking from Celent.

"FNB was selected for its excellent work in mobile banking, in demonstrating how Cellphone Banking can be deployed and broadly adopted to prevent fraud, reduce operational costs, increase customer acquisition, loyalty and value," says Jacob Jegher, senior analyst in Celent’s banking group, and author of the Model Bank Report.
The Model Bank of the Year Awards was launched in early 2008. The nomination process aims at answering the question: What would it look like for a bank to do everything right with today's technology? The awards aim to acknowledge leading banks deploying best practices which other financial services providers should follow.
"Celent is pleased to present FNB with this award and are very interested in following their excellent use of mobility which serves as a first-rate example of how cellphones are rapidly changing the banking industry," says Jegher. "US, European and other global banks can learn a lot from FNB in its execution of cellphone banking/"
Clickatell has been cited for its role in provisioning effective and innovative SMS technology and text messaging.
FNB’s SMS-based alert service inContact has proven to decrease fraud by engaging customers in the process of real-time monitoring of account activity through text message and other mobile services. FNB reports that since the cellphone alert service was launched, overall customer acquisition and retention rates have grown significantly.
In addition, the bank reports that significant cost savings have also been achieved as demand for more expensive call centre customer support activities via voice calls with live agents have been addressed by use of more effective, less expensive cellphone banking.
Through technology provided by Clickatell, FNB has grown its service offering into Africa to meet the specific needs of its clients.
Such cellphone banking technologies have enabled clients access to check their account balances, make payments, transfer money, pay traffic fines, purchase a range of prepaid products and make cross-border prepaid airtime purchases among other services.
"The Clickatell connection service helped us to create early consumer confidence in cellphone banking across countries such as Namibia," says Len Pienaar, CEO of Mobile Transact Solutions for FNB.