As part of a commitment to Java and open source, SAP is taking a more active leadership role in the Eclipse Foundation by increasing its membership level from Strategic Consumer to Strategic Developer.

SAP will provide at least eight full-time development resources to various projects and lead open source projects, ensuring direct input into the development and architecture of Eclipse.
As a Strategic Developer, SAP will be more active within the Eclipse community, including the new Eclipse Git Team Provider (EGit), the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP) and the Eclipse Equinox Project. Eclipse technology has become the de-facto standard in many domains and for many companies ongoing collaboration on various projects with other industry leaders supports the standards and open source strategies of customers and partners.
The use of standard technologies developed within the Eclipse community provides customers and partners with a familiar development environment and, as a result, the steep learning curve for resources is eliminated. SAP supports the mission of the Eclipse Foundation to help increase developer adoption of Eclipse technologies in the software industry, as well as the broad support by a large number of software vendors, has increased interoperability between solutions based on the same common Eclipse technologies.
SAP is a founding member of the foundation and has been using Eclipse technology since 2002.