Informatica has acquired AddressDoctor, which offers technology to perform global address validation for more than 200 countries and territories. These capabilities include support for multiple levels of addressing such as street level, delivery point validation and geocoding.

Informatica's data quality solution enables customers to trust their data. By adding best-in-class global address validation, Informatica customers are ensured that this component is deeply integrated as part of a data quality product offering.
"Global address validation is a critical element of data quality and AddressDoctor is recognised as providing leading technology in the global address validation market," says Ivan Chong, senior vice-president and GM: data quality at Informatica. "The combination of Informatica and AddressDoctor further advances our technology leadership in data quality by adding the pre-eminent address validation technology natively to our platform.
"The addition of AddressDoctor will enable Informatica to empower customers with the necessary performance and flexibility to increase the benefits of global address validation in their data quality initiatives."