South Africa's networking space continues to show signs of strength and growth as an increase in research, development and product manufacturing holds promise for businesses.

This is the viewpoint of Paul Luff, country manager at SMC Networks South Africa.
He points to the volume and depth of quality in product now being launched into the local market as evidence of the growth within the small business market segment and the maturity of large enterprises in so far as the investment in networking solutions and infrastructure is concerned.
"Development within the wireless market is being fueled by a demand from small businesses for cost effective, reliable solutions that can be easily integrated and used to establish a footing in the market, enhance service and delivery," says Luff.
According to Luff the volume of requests for wireless routers, access points and adapters is increasing, which suggests that enhanced communications infrastructure and mobile convergence remains a focal point for decision-makers.
"On the other side of the spectrum large enterprises are investing more into mobility and the advantages of anywhere, anytime connectivity with the corporate network. This is being done with corporate governance, information management legislation and other key influences in mind. It is no surprise that the network has emerged as a fundamental to any credible operation today," he continues.
To this end operators within the ICT Channel are working together to ensure that production keeps up with demand and that previously under-resourced markets are supported.
SMC Networks South Africa recently entered into a distribution agreement with Channel Data to bolster delivery, support and service to the small-to-medium market.
"Wireless will form a crucial part of the strategy going forward and will compliment the focus on security, high-end UPS, firewall/ bandwidth management and storage offerings," adds Luff. "We anticipate a very strong response from the market as companies engage with suppliers for the latest in next-generation wireless including four g, ultra wideband and other influences."