Internet Solutions (IS) has taken another step towards becoming a full service telecommunications provider with the launch of VoIS Conferencing, an on-demand, IP based conference calling service.

VoIS Conferencing makes use of the IS BroadWorks platform to provide a cheaper, simpler and easier to use conference calling facility for three or more participants to link in to a single call.
According to Greg Hatfield, VoIS business unit manager at IS, VoIS Conferencing does not require any specialised equipment to implement, there is no integration required and any current IS customer can already access the service.
"VoIS Conferencing offers a fixed audio bridge that is permanently available and accessible through a bridge number, so there is no need to schedule or reserve capacity for conference calls. Users simply dial in and utilise the service on demand while IS does all the capacity planning," he says. "Installation simply entails the creation of a corporate account on the conference bridge, and we then issue as many host and participant PIN codes as the customer requires."
The host PIN is generally a 'PIN for life' used by a company to log-in and set up conference calls. Participant PINs are then issued for the additional delegates to call in. "The host calls into the conference bridge and activates the conference with the PIN code, and participants join the conference by calling the bridge number and entering the participant PIN code. The conference is terminated once the host ends the call," says Hatfield. "This does mean that the company is responsible for protecting their host PINs.
"Billing is done per second, and there are no minimum charges for using VoIS Conferencing, but delegates that dial in through third party connections will be billed by their service provider for the call," he adds.
"The next phase of VoIS Conferencing will include dial-out, click-to-link capabilities, which will allow a host to call all other delegates and link them in to the conference call. "This will provide further cost savings for VoIS Conferencing customers by charging community rates," says Hatfield. "Overall, by using this technology corporates and businesses with an international and national footprint can benefit from improved productivity and efficiency by connecting their workforce in real-time at a lower cost," he says.