Business Connexion has been awarded Tier IV design certification from the Uptime Institute, recognising its provision of high-availability data centre services – one of only six worldwide and the first in Africa.

Tier IV means that the company's data centre services are available 99,995% of the time – which works out to only one failure in any five-year period.
The Uptime Institute is an international industry standards and quality control organisation that applies strict and objective criteria in awarding certifications.
"Our clients represent a majority of blue-chip enterprises, mostly with global operations in key market sectors such as: financial services; mining; retail; manufacturing; petrochemicals and equities exchanges," says John Jenkins, group executive: services group at BCX.
"These companies cannot afford the risk of downtime for their business-critical processes or the loss or compromise of their confidential data. They outsource their data centre requirements to Business Connexion because they need continuous operations – 24xforever, as we call it – and they cannot risk any loss of data. Apart from our Tier IV certification, we are also Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.
"We run duplicate data centres – both being designed according to the Tier IV specification – at nearby premises which are linked by fibre connections so that one is a real-time image of the other. There is no risk of anything being lost and we are also completely independent of power supply from the national grid."
Jenkins adds that virtualisation is a key trend. "Many of our customers will typically find their servers are running at only 10% or 20% capacity. By virtualising services to our data centre, they can reduce their own server needs and have the remaining equipment running more efficiently.
"This not only saves on capital expenses but also on running costs, including both IT department workload, power and cooling requirements.
"An additional benefit, which is front of mind for many global companies today, is that virtualising services to a top-level, high-availability data centre can make a significant contribution to green IT initiatives.
"Our clients save on costs, reduce their environmental impact and keep their critical processes running on a 24xforever basis," he adds.