HP ProCurve has extended its popular 3500 Switch Series with new HP ProCurve 3500 10/100 switches, helping customers better manage their overall networking expenses by providing a choice of flexible options for their business applications.

Four new HP ProCurve 3500 10/100 switches can help enterprises with hardware acquisition and maintenance costs by standardising network operations from the core to the edge with its ProVision chipset and unified software that simplifies overall network management.
The ProCurve 3500 10/100 is designed to provide customers with appropriate levels of functionality necessary for their applications. The switches are ideal for enterprise edge deployments that do not require Gigabit throughput, such as for IP telephony, physical security solutions and wireless solutions, maintaining the highest levels of security and operational efficiency.
In addition, future-proofing capabilities of the HP ProCurve 3500 10/100 allow customers to upgrade their networks as their businesses grow, aligning with HP's vision of enabling customers to rapidly adapt to changing business needs.
The scalable 3500 10/100 switches also offer investment protection by providing lifetime software updates with the flexibility to upgrade to premium software. Support of standards-based interoperability allows customers to add any 3500 10/100 switches to existing multivendor network environments.
The HP ProCurve 3500 10/100 switches offer customers a choice that includes 24- or 48-port options, as well as Power over Ethernet (PoE) or non-PoE product versions to allow customers to utilise switches in environments with readily available power supplies.