IBM and the French Tennis Federation (FFT) have collaborated to design an integrated, automated, virtualised and secure infrastructure for the official Web site ( of the French Open Championships to handle increased year-to-year Web traffic and offer innovative services to online viewers.

New intelligence generated through technologies such as intelligent sensors on the court that calculate the speed of a player's serve, coupled with realtime data analytics, will offer fans across the world an opportunity to track matches, understand the momentum of the matches, customise the information flow so they can track the performances of their favourite players, chat and interact with other fans, and generate in-depth match analyses. Players and coaches will also be able to use the new features to better understand their own games.
There are several new features available to fans as part of this Dynamic Infrastructure:
* Visual Match will help fans analyse matches and highlight player techniques.
* Your comments will allow fans to post comments on the matches and chat with other fans around the world or locally.
* My players allows fans to customise the Website with five of their favorite players to follow their performance, scores, related information and comments.
* SlamTracker allows fans to see selected players and track scores and matches. This feature, launched on in 2008, has been enhanced this year with new statistics options.
These features will be available in English, French and Spanish.
Alex Loth, Roland-Garros' CIO, says: "We are continually looking for ways to improve our viewer experience, whether at the match venues or for those who track the tournament online.  This year we are able to offer a wide range of innovative services for our online viewers that will allow them to customise their Websites, share their experiences, track their favorite players and matches, and involve themselves in the tournament more closely.  All of this is powered by the integrated, automated, intelligent dynamic infrastructure designed by IBM."
IBM also implemented a Storage Area Network (SAN), extending the advantages of virtualisation across storage, security and the network, in addition to the servers at the data centers. IBM Director Active Energy Manager allows for monitoring of energy usage and alteration of the CPU clock speed during low traffic times, further reducing energy usage. The integrated, dynamic infrastructure solution offers a real-time view of the physical infrastructure across the three hosting sites with multiple workloads and operating environments, as well as energy consumption patterns. This new infrastructure will reduce data center energy consumption by 40% and cooling costs by 48%.
IBM's project manager, John Kent, says: "Virtualisation allowed us to design a single, integrated solution for Roland Garros that allows both monitoring and management of the infrastructure. This allows for reduction of inefficiencies, enhanced compliance with security policies, maximised intrusion prevention due to multi-layered protection, all with a more energy efficient infrastructure for the French Open Website."