Accenture, APC by Schneider Electric, Cisco, EMC, Intel and VMware have announced the creation of Hera Circle, an initiative whose goal is to help CIOs reduce the energy footprint of their computers.

With the Hera Circle, companies wishing to adopt an eco-friendly approach will have regular exchanges with peers and industry experts on the practical and effective measures that can be implemented.
The aim is to exchange information on new practices in green IT.
Responsible for 2% of global CO2 emissions, the computer industry pollutes today as much as the air transport industry. While green IT has become a component of business development, an efficient engagement in the implementation of a green computer is still a complex process for CIOs.
Whatever the motivation of the company is, adopting a green approach can be long and complex because it requires a full review of past methods, specifications and technologies and also through identification of key persons to be involved.
The circle was created to help companies become familiar with this new challenge and to position themselves in this new environment.
Circle Hera offers an internet portal,, which will carry daily news of practices and initiatives of manufacturers or companies. It will also hold regular conferences to share with the industry professionals such as CIOs and experts.