Now travellers need to remember only one number to gain emergency assistance in 134 countries around the world, with the launch of the new domain.

KFA Technologies has created the domain to help people get near-instant access to emergency services worldwide from any device connected to the Internet, including mobile phones.
" is probably the most ambitious .tel site ever created so far," explains Francois Amigorena, founder of KFA Technologies. "It gathers the emergency phone numbers of 134 countries worldwide and takes full advantage of the competitive edges of .tel technology."
Travellers now simply need only to memorize to be able to access contact information on PCs or mobile devices to the relevant emergency services in the country they are in, simply by typing it into the browser. .tel domains are not web sites, which means that the data sent back is very quick and also low cost to access. lists more than four hundred emergency phone numbers (police, medical, fire, sea rescue, etc.) and other contacts in three languages (English, French and Spanish), all accessible via a simple an intuitive navigation tree. People are then connected with one simple click.
Reporting possible wrong numbers or suggesting additional emergency phone numbers can be performed at