Despite the current economic climate, organisations can still perform well, albeit with a smaller staff and reduced customer base.

This is acccording to Jane Macgregor, performance consultant and corporate mentor, who says that good leadership, motivation and teamwork are the most important components to ensuring success.
"Current performance is, no doubt, affected by retrenchments, hiring freezes, budget cuts and the loss of customers. However, companies with leaders who understand the overall business and are always considering the bigger picture can still perform well," says Macgregor.
"The organisation has changed and will need to continue to change in order to adapt to the new market place. Leaders must adapt the company's vision, mission and goals to meet these new conditions, even if the company is smaller and is aiming at a smaller customer base."
These managers, CEOs and directors are responsible, not only for setting these goals, but also in communicating them effectively to staff and inspiring passion, commitment and motivation. Getting buy-in and understanding from staff is crucial.
"Regardless of the economy there are still customers out there who need your products or services and they are still willing to pay for them. An organisation's success stems from the ability to provide these things consistently better than competitors," says Macgregor.
All members of staff from factory floor to management are skilled and need to continually upskill themselves to improve performance. In addition, each employee needs to understand the business processes and the value that they individually bring to the company. Enabling staff to determine their own performance on a daily basis contributes to their general understanding of the bigger picture and allows them to see the value that is generated from what they do.