There is no doubt that fathers love spending time with their children, but with the pressures of work and life, it can be challenging to find time to spend with the kids. So Kelly offers "executive dads" some tips on how to make quality time with the family without losing momentum in the workplace.

"athers need work-life balance just as much as mothers do," says Kelly's chief operating officer, Gayleen Baxter. "Society measures a man's success by how well he does professionally – his home-life is often discounted in the race for achievement.
"However, true success can only be accomplished when you have a totally balanced life."
With work stress dragging down one side of the balancing pole and home-life dragging down the other, how do fathers find this balance?
"There are many ways to achieve this," says Baxter. "Assessing your life goals and deciding on a career and employer that will give you what you want is a good start in achieving a healthy balance between your work and home life. While a good salary and perks may provide some consolation, you may have to put family on hold if you are considering a career that places more demands on your time."
Another skill – or rather a habit – that will ensure a balanced life is effective time-management. There is no technology available that can add more time in a day. This means time-management is critical to achieving a healthy work-home-life balance.
"In fact, time is probably the single most important factor – at work and at home," says Baxter. "Without efficient time management, you will not achieve your goals, personally or professionally."
Baxter adds that it is not about how much time you spend with your family that counts, it is how you spend the little time you do have with them.
She offers some tips on how to turn the little time available into time well spent:
* Use accumulated leave to spend time with your family: Take a day off to fetch the kids from school and take them for an ice-cream. Alternatively, you can use your leave to take the family on holiday.
* Always greet your family with a smile: No matter how bad your day has been – make sure you greet your family with a smile and hugs. It is these moments that make the "bad" day just melt away.
* Don't bring your work home: If you have to bring work home, rather attend to urgent matters after the kids are in bed asleep.
* Working late: If your job requires you to work late, try and make sure that you are home in time to tuck your children into bed.
* Evening fun: Relax and have fun with your family after work. Eat around the table or play board games instead of vegetating in front of the TV or typing aimlessly away on your PC.
* Get a babysitter: Make time for you and your partner to spend as a couple, this is extremely important in maintaining a healthy balance and of course, a healthy marriage.
* Weekend with the kids: On the weekends, offer to take the kids so that your partner can have some alone time to shop, pamper herself or just to catch up with friends. This will not only give your partner time to relax but also give you good quality time with the kids.
"With clearly defined goals, efficient time-management skills and self-discipline, 'executive dads' will be well on their way to achieving the balance they have always dreamed of," Baxter adds.