Companies could cut the total cost of e-mail by 64% cent if they switch from Microsoft Exchange to Novell GroupWise on Linux, according to research from independent analyst house Osterman Research.

Based on a global survey of 132 organisations comparing the total cost of email systems, results showed that an organisation with 1 000 users spends an average of $29.67 per Exchange e-mail account, compared with just $11.64 for Novell GroupWise accounts on Linux.
The research shows that the average person spends almost one third of their working day on e-mail, and sends and receives 124 e-mails every day. More than half of respondents consider e-mail 'critical' to get their work done, and another 35% deem it 'important'. With almost three-quarters (74%) of outgoing communications now done over e-mail, it is considered a mission-critical application by most businesses.
That said, the majority of decision-makers are not completely confident in their ability to estimate the cost of e-mail because of unplanned events including power outages, worms, loss of key personnel and downtime impacting e-mail spend. In addition, ongoing management accounts for two-thirds of the total cost of e-mail.
Michelle Beetar, MD of Novell SA, comments: "In this economic climate, IT is increasingly asked to do more with less. For this reason we see more organisations looking for ways to reduce both operational and capital expenditures across the board."