Local distributor, LOOPHOLD Security Distribution, has recently announced the availability of SonicWALL's Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Series, which provides organisations with a complete, continual disk-based backup and recovery solution that protects business critical data, applications and systems. The SonicWALL CDP Series provides a low-touch, comprehensive data protection solution.

The CDP Series provides flexible disaster recovery options, automatic transparent backups and simple installation and management requirements. It maintains file availability in multiple historic versions such that all servers and their applications – including Exchange, SQL and Active Directory database – are protected with multiple-point-in-time versions for disaster recovery.
"The SonicWALL solution addresses the pains of many organisations, providing an affordable, easy to use backup and recovery solution that doesn't compromise performance or reliability," says Martin Tassev, MD of LOOPHOLD Security Distribution. "Features such as policy-driven backup and self-directed restore mean that the CDP Series effectively automates tedious tasks and requires fewer dedicated IT resources to manage the solution."
Human error is to blame for as much as 33% to 40% of all data loss, and tape-based recovery solutions are no longer suitable in today's fast moving business environment. As technology advances and tape-based storage solutions become outdated, businesses are looking for technologies that can offer speed of recovery, superior flexibility, and are easier to manage with greater reliability. SonicWALL's CDP does just that.
SonicWALL's CDP Series features capacity up to 9 TB at typical compression, GbE connectivity, RAID 5, and field-replaceable components, making it optimized for today's demanding requirements for performance and reliability.
Key features include:
* Automatic Transparent Backup: simplifies backup management tasks with enforced policy and automated backup, thereby eliminating backup windows.
* Low-Touch Administration: significantly reduces IT backup management overhead costs, enabling IT to focus on more revenue-related IT project.
* User Self-Directed Restore: provides quick access to protected files for fast and simple point-and-click, on-demand file restoration without waiting for IT intervention or recreating lost files, yielding faster time-to-productivity
* Flexible Disaster Recovery: offers options for offsite or site-to-site data backup, local archiving, or bare metal recovery to enable fast recovery of data, applications or entire workstation or server systems after any disruption, satisfying business continuity initiatives and minimizing business impact
* Laptop, Desktop and Server Protection: Significantly reduces data loss by protecting data and databases (SQL, Exchange and Active Directory Servers) as they are created or changed in real time, transparently and non-disruptively, to enhance user productivity and server uptime.
The CDP Series from SonicWALL is available in a variety of models including CDP 110, 210, 5040 and 6080 models, meeting the requirements of small, medium and large businesses.