Telkom aims to reduce its data tariffs by an effective 6% overall, in proposed tariff adjustments filed yesterday with the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa).

In terms of the proposal, monthly subscription charges for DSL, Do Broadband and TelkomInternet would remain unchanged. However, all TelkomInternet users with a 2Gb and 3Gb standard offering will be upgraded to 3Gb and 5Gb respectively.
Overall, data tariffs in the basket will decrease by 6%.
Telkom seeks an overall increase in its basket of products and services of 1,7%, new pricing to become effective on 1 August 2009.
The following tariff adjustments have been proposed:
* The minimum charge for postpaid local calls (0-50km) remains unchanged but the per second tariffs for Standard and Callmore time increase by 4,2 cents and 2,1 cents per minute respectively. The tariffs for long distance calls (more than 50km) remain unchanged.
* PrepaidFone (weekly and monthly) as well as postpaid residential and business line rental charges increase by 5,5% while the PrepaidFone Waya-Waya annual subscription will increase from R120.00 to R130.00 per annum. PrepaidFone local and long distance calls increase by 10%.
* Outgoing mobile/cellular calls and outgoing calls to Neotel, Other Licensed Operators or OLOs (previously known as VANS) and Universal Service Access Licensees (USAL`s) remain unchanged.
Overall, the impact on international calls rates will be 0%, although tariffs to certain destinations could either increase or decrease.
Telkom Closer 1 and 2 subscription charges will increase by 7,4% and 5,6% respectively. Current tariffs will remain unchanged for the Telkom Closer 3, 4 and 5 calling plans. From 1 September 2009, Telkom Closer 1 customers will receive free local and long distance weekend calls of up to an hour during Callmore time.
In a statement, Telkom says its prroposed overall adjustments are well below the overall increase permitted by the regulator's Price Control Formula, which would have allowed the operator to file an overall increase of 19,7%.
It is confident of its proposed price changes being approved by Icasa.